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Newark Deportation Lawyer Defends Clients against Deportation since 1983

Deportation can unsettle and even wreck the lives of immigrants living in the U.S. As with every aspect of immigration law, deportation and removal from the United States are severe issues that can threaten a person's living and destroy families. Don't believe that the government will not try to deport most undocumented immigrants it encounters. Just in fiscal year 2012, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported over 400,000 people.

At the Newark, New Jersey immigration deportation law firm of Apsan Law Offices, LLC, our objective is to help all of our clients that wish to live permanently in the U.S. to be granted the legal right to do so and to appreciate the reassurance of knowing their right to live here will not be taken away.

Deportation proceedings usually begin after an alleged immigration or criminal violation occurs. If deported or removed, an undocumented immigrant may face a litany of problems, including the possibility of never returning to the United States under any status.

The process begins with you receiving a Notice to Appear. This is the charging document, similar to a summons in a civil action. If you received a Notice to Appear , you have an chance to contest any charges and your New Jersey deportation lawyer will make applications to allow you to remain in the U.S. and possible be granted the Green card during the deportation process.

An undocumented immigrant may be subject to deportation in the following circumstances:

  • The person is present in the U.S. in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act or any other U.S. law.
  • He or she violated nonimmigrant status or a condition of entry into the U.S., such as overstaying the visa.
  • A conditional permanent (from a marriage case) residence terminated and the immigrant has not filed Form I-751 to remove the conditional status.
  • The undocumented immigrant encouraged or aided any other alien to enter the U.S. illegally.
  • The person engaged in marriage fraud to gain admission to the U.S.
  • There person was convicted of certain criminal offenses.
  • He or she falsified documents relating to entry into the U.S.
  • The individual engaged in any activity that endangers public safety or creates a risk of national security.
  • The individual voted illegaly.
  • Has been convicted of smuggling aliens;
  • Has been convicted of certain crimes involving moral turpitude;
  • Has been convicted of certain felonies, such as murder, rape, or other offenses;
  • Has been convicted of certain controlled substance crimes;
  • Is a drug addict;
  • Has been convicted of certain firearm offenses;
  • Has been convicted of domestic violence or child abuse;
  • Has engaged in criminal activity that endangers the public safety or national security; or
  • Has engaged in terroristic activity.

A deportation will be the end of your American Dream.

When you are placed in deportation, you may wind up uprooting your family and leaving behind the life you have built in the United States. You may have to start over again in a different country. At Apsan Law Offices, we understand the concerns, worries, and anxiety that is experienced when it comes to a deportation / removal from the United States. As immigrants ourselves, we recognize how frightening it is to worry that your time in the United States will come to an end. This is why our office is dedicated to fighting for our client's right to remain in the country.

Each case we undertake is treated as a unique matter. The Newark deportation attorney reviews the facts of the case thoroughly to determine what reliefs to deportation are available and what the best strategy would be for the case at hand. We work closely with our clients to obtain the appropriate documents, evidence and proof required to win the case. We carefully prepare our clients and their witnesses to testify. Our clients are completely educated about their rights, and we guide them through the deportation process, taking the stress and fear out of the journey.

Apsan Law Offices, defends the rights of immigratns in deportation.





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Moses Apsan and his staff, based in New York City and Newark, NJ have been defending immigrants in deportation and removal proceedings for more than 30 years. He was the President of the Federal Bar Association, New Jersey Chapter (1997-2002) and host , for the last 15 years a weekly immigration law show on SIC International, Portuguese TV. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish.
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